What Is Jing In Chinese Herbal Medicine?


Jing is the Chinese word for “essence”. Jing is the primordial energy that is stored in the kidneys. Along with Qi and Shen, it is considered one of the Three Treasures. Qi is the day-to-day energy that enlivens and animates the body. Shen is our spirit, which resides in our heart and can be seen as the light in someone’s eyes. We are said to be born with a set amount of Jing (pre-natal Jing) which comes from our ancestors. Jing determines our constitution, strength, and vitality. We can also acquire Jing from food and various activities (exercise, study, meditation).

Jing is like our reserve battery and it can be consumed through the ordinary process of living. Ongoing stress, illness, substance abuse, and sexual overindulgence, all can deplete Jing essence. The way to conserve Prenatal Jing is by striving for balance in all life activities. Balance meaning moderation in diet, work/rest, sexual activity. Irregularity or excess in these areas wastes Prenatal Jing. At the end of the day, when you run out of Jing, you run out of life, so it’s important that we learn to conserve and replenish this vital energy.

Jing is considered fundamental for longevity in traditional Chinese medicine. Many disciplines including qigong and Tai Chi are devoted to the replenishing “lost” Jing by restoring post-natal Jing. Additionally, and perhaps more conveniently, one can also take herbs and certain foods to help replenish Jing essence.

There are two ways a person can become deficient in Jing. In Chinese medicine the person is either born with sub-optimal Jing or else the body became Jing deficient through illness, ongoing stress, or major Type A behavior. Jing is a very precious substance, and it should be guarded and not wasted. Deficiency of Kidney Jing can result in problems such as impotence, chronic lower back pain, weak knees, tinnitus, urinary incontinence, deafness, loose teeth, etc.

The state of Kidney Essence also influences our strength and resistance. If the Essence is “wasted” or poorly stored, a person may have lowered immunity to outside pathogens and constantly be unwell with a cold, influenza, allergies, etc. Tonifying Jing in Chinese medicine is a long term strategy due to the need for deeply nourishing the body.

The way to conserve Prenatal Jing is by striving for balance in all life activities. Balance meaning moderation in diet, work/rest, sexual activity. Irregularity or excess in these areas wastes Prenatal Jing.

Certain Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years as remedies for weak JIng, to help rebuild and replenish this all-important energy of one’s vital essence. Among the best known Jing herbs are: Cordyceps, He Shou Wu, Ginseng, Eucommia, Cistanche and others. One of the very best herbs for building Jing that is growing in popularity is Deer Antler extract. Taking these herbs regularly can make a significant difference in your life, particularly if you are affected by the loss of Jing from your lifestyle.


Source by Josh J Williams

Does Meditation Lead to Psychic Abilities? – Yes!


So, does meditation lead to psychic abilities? Yes, it does.

Psychics have strong, developed minds. Think of the mind as a muscle that psychics use to perform abilities such as telepathy, empathy, telekinesis, or clairvoyance. Now, think of meditation as a trip to the gym, where the “mind muscle” can be strengthened.

Luckily, meditation is far less painful, and much more soothing than a trip to a real gym!

Meditation gets your mind in perfect shape to perform psychic abilities. That’s why many people who are not aware of their psychic power discover their abilities after they start meditating.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Deepen Your Relaxation – Your mind will be more relaxed during the time of meditation, and throughout the rest of the day.
  • Relieve Stress – Meditation allows your mind to let go of stress caused by our daily lives, sickness, anxiety, ETC.
  • Build Confidence – Meditation allows you to feel more secure with yourself, which builds self-confidence.
  • Heightened Awareness – Meditation increases your awareness of your surroundings. You will become in tune with people’s thoughts and emotions.
  • Strengthen Concentration – Meditation leads to stronger concentration by allowing your mind to focus completely.

Those are the benefits of meditation. So how do people discover their psychic powers after they begin to meditate?

How does this Lead to Psychic Abilities?

  • Deep relaxation will allow a psychic to discover their psychic abilities. Relaxation allows a psychic to avoid all distractions and keep a clear mind when unlocking their powers.
  • Stress is a mind-blocking distraction. Without it, the mind can tap into the universal energy source, (known as “Chi”), even without knowing it!
  • Psychic powers will only work when someone trusts in them completely. There cannot be any doubt in a psychic’s mind. That is why building confidence is a crucial step that leads to psychic abilities.
  • With a high level of awareness, a psychic may discover new abilities that they didn’t know they had. And, a psychic will be able to pick up on subtle messages and clues that they receive. Awareness makes a successful psychic.
  • With a strong concentration, a psychic will have the focus required to perform psychic abilities. The key to unlocking psychic power is to remove the mental boundaries in your mind. Strong concentration is required.

There you have it! Meditation conditions your mind so that you can discover and strengthen your psychic abilities.


Source by Matt Coleman

Healing Huntington’s Disease With Orthomolecular Medicine


Treating and healing Huntington’s Disease with ordinary amino acids is the basis or Orthomolecular Medicine. Large doses of naturally found proteins called amino acids can repair the imbalance in the brain and repair its malfunction. These amino acids are affordable and are used in therapeutic doses much larger than those levels normally found in food. The concept of orthomolecular medicine is based upon the use of very large doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or botanical extracts for the cellular repair and enhancement of normal brain activities.

Huntington’s Disease has several symptoms which may improve with orthomolecular medicine. The problems associated with Huntington’s include mood disorders, depression, personality changes, clumsiness, dementia, involuntary muscle movements, can be treated with large therapeutic doses of GABA, glutamate, lysine, valine, leucine, theanine, taurine, and alanine. This patient should not take arginine and should avoid foods high in arginine including nuts and chocolate. Valine is extremely important in Huntington’s disease and low levels of valine cause problems the myelin sheath over the nerve. Valine supplements in large therapeutic doses can help Huntington’s disease, MS, ALS, myasthenia gravis, and diabetic neuropathy. Valine deficiency can cause degenerative neurological conditions and slows nerve impulses.

Amino acid therapy can be taken orally or though IV therapy. This therapy will not cure the patient, but it can delay the progression and slow the neuron death rate. This will slow the progression of brain decline. Treat this disease very aggressive with very large amounts of the needed amino acids and use many additional botanical extracts for brain symptoms.

There is a very good botanical for the motor impairment for Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s disease. This botanical impacts the acetylcholine receptors. Alpha Lipoic acid can help the impaired nerve impulse symptom of this disease.

This patient should try German digestive enzymes and probiotics for an extended period to evaluate their success in a treatment protocol. This patient should eat a diet high in essential fatty acids like salmon, olive oil and avocados. This person should eat cold water fish at least three times per week. A diet high in the flavonoids found in berries,lemons, grapefruit, onions, leeks, garlic, oranges, apricots, peaches, and limes will protect the brain. The anti-aging supplements of alpha lipoic acid and organic wheat grass tablets or capsules are very beneficial for this person.

There is another supplement that is neither amino acid, vitamin, mineral or herb that Quantum Orthomolecular Medicine would use to attempt to repair the damaged cellular RNA that occurred from Huntington’s Disease.

DIETARY CHANGES FOR THIS DISEASE SHOULD INCLUDE RESTRICTION OF SODIUM AND INCREASING POTASSIUM. This patient should not take diuretics. Diuretics could accelerate the progression of this disease.


Source by R Stone

Special Spa Treatments

While a number of spa treatments that are uniform, there are also some new and wonderful treatments that only offers some of the baths. These are treatments that have been tested, but not part of the common Spa makeup. Some of these include new ways to purify themselves, while others developed methods of pampering. Your tastes, you’ll want to see what kind of specialty treatments in the spa offers before you are going to reserve the spot. You might be surprised at some fun things you can do to pamper yourself.

Sugar Scrubs

Since lofty natural and painless hair removal target range of products and treatments in the past. Nothing so far managed to fit all this in a package that works well and remove all the little beard hairs remain. Ingrown hairs and buildups of dead skin around the site is a problem that other hair removal choices. Sugar scrubs use a fine powder sugar gently erode any hair left in the area. They are painless and actually quite relaxing. This is a great alternative to other hair removal wax or choice, without any other side effects.


Deep skin and the skin is loose with some of the most common problems down the signs of aging. Removing all of these questions is handling a difficult prospect, but possible. Dermaplaning one of the best ways to do this. This is all the pores on your face exfoliates the skin flattens building and wrinkles can begin to show in this area. It also removes random peach fuzz can make in your face, which appears much younger and livelier after treatment. This is one of the most fun for treatment options available as well.

Skin Therapy is a healthier Glow

On the other full body treatments and facials some of the other can be very beneficial. The collagen mask comes highly recommended and is a great, natural way to remove wrinkles on the human body or face. To see permanent results you may need to do this several times, but only treatment good self-esteem boost. We also give you a temporary, youthful glow. Mud Pack is an incredibly relaxing choice treatments and skin exfoliation is a great opportunity.

Getting the health benefits of a spa treatment

Spa is the ideal place to go to relax, but they also give some great health benefits. While some of the more outrageous claims of weight loss and body cleansing false, there are many benefits you may be aware of.

One of the most important aspects in spite of the spa treatment, pampering until you get there. The act does not concern you, and I can do a lot to change the feel comforted prospects every day and keep you from being depressed. It is also easier to handle problems that may arise in his personal life, because you will likely feel more confident.

Some treatments use

There are some treatments that may result in some adverse side effects in some people. Full seaweed wraps can be bad for the skin because it contains high levels of iodine. While it helps some people pores and skin to clear, sucking the oil out, then others can cause clogging pores and can cause itchy pimples.

If you are concerned that you may have an adverse reaction to a particular treatment, or if you have sensitive skin, it is advised to test a small spot first. This will help ensure you do not have a bad reaction to a large surface area. It is also important to ask a lot of questions if you have sensitive skin.

Treatments That Really Work

Massage treatments are most effective available. They are ideal for stress relief, as well as removing the voltage. In general, an on-site spa massage therapist is some level of certification or training. These professional massage can help to keep the body and muscles relaxed, which promotes the overall health. Mineral water baths and mud baths are also some good choices for restoration. They can reintroduce minerals and compounds in the body that may have been lacking. They are a quick way to increase your overall well-being of a spa day.

Pampering yourself

The act of getting pampered is what is most beneficial about having a day at the spa. Indulgence can help you feel more confident at work or in your personal life. You can also significantly reduce the amount of stress that you feel. The stress significantly contributes to many diseases, and depression. Managing stress is very important to have a happy and healthy life.

Are You Using shower gel and liquid soap?

We know, or should know everything the shampoo we use every day, or the innocent looking bottle of liquid soap sits next to the sink in the kitchen or the laundry? Yes, we need to know everything that affects our health, so we can make our own decisions and decided for ourselves. We have a right to know what many studies have found, over time, the products we use every day, and it does not matter if it’s just a simple shower gel and handwash liquid joint.

Most people would not give you all my thoughts when I picked up the bottle of gel or shampoo and even less of liquid soap. Contaminants in personal care products can cause many side effects, including severe disease, which build up over time. It does not affect all men at once, but the toxins these products, if not treated, can accumulate in the body. Some of the ingredients of personal care products for all pollutants, if you do not acquire completely organic, which are available, but not always a given that choice. Most products contain a strong fragrance and a refreshing scent. However, this is not just for your pleasure; The main purpose of this is to cover up the smells of other toxic ingredients.

What are these ingredients that affect our health?

For the moment let’s just concentrate on the shower gel and soap, because the area every other personal care products is almost endless. The explanation may be as simple as saying, “just read the label on the product,” but does not show many ingredients of cosmetics manufacturers favor. Despite this, there is always read the label and find names or similar, such as sodium chloride, propylene glycol, polyoxyethylene, ethoxylation Laurel, myreth which can cause skin and eye irritation, nausea, vomiting cause respiratory tract irritation and may affect the liver and kidney. Most often sodium lauryl sulfate thousands of personal care products such as shampoos, body wash, toothpaste, hand soap liquid, laundry powder, detergents and industrial cleaning agents used. Liquid soap and shower gel contains synthetic fragrances cause skin dryness and irritation. Another problem arises when a product is triclosan mixes with tap water. This is becoming a human carcinogen chloroform. Mixed with tap water or other chemical treatment of water based on a similar effect as a pool of urination, urine is mixed with the chlorine and other organic matter is uric acid which is toxic. Since some products known to contain heavy metals that can be found in the make-up is also a health risk, because the metals are difficult to remove after it accumulated in your body.

Feeling unhealthy and did not know why?

Using chemicals on your skin can be worse than eating them. When you eat something in the saliva and stomach acid helps break down, and it has been emptied of the system. When you put these chemicals on your skin is absorbed like a sponge directly into the bloodstream, which can affect your organs. Some days it does not feel that the best and only brushed off as being available throughout the day, could just be having a bad day. However, if you repeat this kind are becoming more common, this may just be the effect of some chemical overload and metal accumulation in the body and is often diagnosed only broke down. It is not uncommon to hear people say they are feeling well lately, and he did not know what it was, and according to the doctor’s nothing wrong with me. Do not stop here, we have conducted more tests until they find it, the reason it’s there somewhere. They learned the chemical cocktail is a good start, so we can know what looks to avoid the hazardous materials in personal care products and a better choice. If a change in the chemical and toxin-free products remain vigilant. Find the name of the company that actually makes the product; It is important to know who you are dealing with. Many products purchased from anonymous companies where there is no control, which depends on the products made from them, or what the ingredients are, regardless of what they call organic. If you are really taking care of the health of all personal care products used, make sure that the organic standards: Completely non-toxic, free from artificial colors, chemicals or preservatives.

Search the symptoms can be a health hazard

Only two decades ago, it was inconceivable that reliable medical information can be obtained from anywhere other than a health care professional. Sudden onset of symptoms reported visiting a doctor, talk to a nurse or a trip to the emergency room. The Internet has changed the way we look at the symptoms. Nowadays, most people turn to the Internet for health education first touch as a doctor.

What may seem like a quick, convenient and cost-free way to determine whether you really need a doctor or not, you may actually be putting your health at risk. Sometimes even minor symptoms can be a prelude to a serious medical event may follow within hours or days. In addition, a number of serious diseases presentation of common and non-specific symptoms that might not seem like cause for concern.

The question is not subject to websites offering reliable medical information, but also the way the user understands that in order to make a medical decision. The misinterpretation may turn out that the question of life or death. What could have been avoided, or at least should be reduced instead of immediate medical intervention is delayed for a minimum because “I told internet.”

Take a burning pain in the chest, for example. Most people immediately think that this heartburn symptom that is usually not a cause for concern. Heartburn is the result of stomach acid flows back into the food pipe (esophagus). While uncomfortable and often overwhelming, heartburn is not life threatening.

However, what seems like heartburn could in fact be a heartbreak, and even that can be a heart attack. The vast majority of medical websites claim that the typical crushing chest pain or heart attack absorbing nature. Unfortunately, the human body does not always typical.

A burning pain in the chest may actually be due to the impending heart attack, and even the one that is currently occurring, or was made. Needless to say, prolonged medical treatment of a heart attack can make the difference between a bed in the ER or the final resting place of the local cemetery.

Therefore, careful use of the information on the Internet as a guide when medical matters, but do not let that be the last word on medical care. This is the best of the specialist physician. Even the most thorough search research will never be able to replace the advice and evaluation of the doctor, pharmacist or nurse.

You want to be a success, Dining Out?

So many asked me to address the whole issue of healthy eating so I am this week. Be the middle order to lose or maintain a healthy weight, eating well is your favorite restaurant can be a daunting experience. But do not worry, it can be done.

In the last few months I have had a lot of opportunities to dine out – much more so than normal. Having first-hand experience of the challenges you face, I will give you some useful tips to help you maneuver through the next dining adventure.

Dining Here are the tips:

1. Just Say No: Do ​​not let the waiter will consider a basket of bread on the table. Trust me you will not be missing. In fact, yesterday my husband and I went to Sunset Malibu, the restaurant where he was married. It was beautiful, although still 93 degrees in late April at the beach a little embarrassed. That’s amazing we finished our meal when I noticed every other table was a basket of bread or on or after graciously served. Did the waiter did the same for us it might have been tempted to have a little bread, because I was really hungry and do not enjoy the meal as much. So it is not only, as you can – Save your palate instead of a main meal.

2. Hold the Dressing: Most dressings are full of sugar, salt and unhealthy fats. Often, when reviewing the “eat do not eat that” I’m shocked blog caloric content of most commercial salad dressings. If you read my blog you know any length of time, that I’m not a calorie counter, but if you know how many calories they contain most of the bandages even think twice. Choose olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and you’ll be good to go.

3. Some Protein: Whether pescatarian carnivorous or vegetarian, it’s important to have some source of protein in your meal.  OK that most restaurants do not offer a buckwheat noodle, but now a lot of quinoa, rice and of course the well. The beans are also sources and an appropriate option for you.

4. Make Mine vega: I prefer to focus on getting advice significance, that primarily plant-based diet. It is vital for good health, animals and the planet in general. Place a small amount of protein on the plate, and the other vegetables. Think about reducing consumption and the humane treatment of animals.

5. Dessert is not necessary: ​​You do not need to dessert, if you had a balanced meal. Eliminating this cultural tradition does not require some conscious effort and it can be done. If you tell yourself you have to have something sweet later – you’ve probably come later either forgotten or lost the desire.

Health Benefits of Raw Food and Cooking destroys Minerals

I looked at websites raw foods, and I saw some of the things that motivated me to write this article. A web site said that cooking destroys vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The webMD.com that there will be one million visitors a day, he says. “The idea is that heating food destroys nutrients and natural enzymes” “You probably do lose weight on this diet because many raw foods low in calories, fat and sodium, and rich in fiber. One study found that raw food diets work for weight loss.”

The two main groups of nutrients vitamins and minerals. So it (the heating food destroys nutrients) would be like saying that people prostatic gland. There are two main groups of people, but only one of the above categories. So what is the mineral water. If you look up, you get the definition that applies to rocks and minerals. A mineral substance in food is a food that is a metal element in the periodic table that people learn in high school. There are also non-metallic elements.

The basic elements are the building blocks of chemicals. So it can not be destroyed. Even if you blew them up with a nuclear bomb. Thus, the cooking can not destroy minerals. Vitamins and enzymes contain many elements and it is easy to break down these combinations, and destroy them. Now fusion as a hydrogen bomb or what happens to the sun can not destroy a mineral minerals but can be changed to another mineral fusion. If you boil vegetables in water and throw the water instead of steaming them, a lot of minerals in food can come out of the water, where they will get thrown away.

Eat mostly raw food diet or a raw food diet is good for your health. There are theories about this debate, but people many health problems can be cured by the raw food diet. Let’s see what we can. Except for humans, baboons and Tasmanian devils, every animal eats raw foods. Actually, I’m kidding baboons and the Tasmanian devils. Now one thing that people know who is that some nutrients more bioavailable when cooked. What is the most famous? Lycopene!

The phytochemical lycopene or a tomato plant medicine. So you hear people say that a study showed that the lycopene in cooked was more bioavailable than raw lycopene. So if you eat chicken tomatoes, they need to learn how to cook. As for the money, a study like this would be beneficial for companies that tomato sauce. I do not know if they made up this test or not. But here’s what I know.

The US government is testing the lycopene in watermelon, and found that watermelon has more lycopene than tomatoes. But they wanted to know was the raw watermelon lycopene, bioavailable than the lycopene in cooked tomatoes. They expected to find this, because he did these studies, but I wanted to see how much.

The examination of the Agricultural Research Service– in-house research arm of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/AR/archive/jun02/lyco0602.htm found to their surprise that the lycopene is just as raw as cooked available lycopene. So we probably have we learned so far is that cooking can not destroy minerals and lycopene in cooked no more bioavailable than raw lycopene. So it is enough that similar studies in question.

I have an article about two studies show that consumption of salt is healthy for you. But measured by how much salt intake of salt in the urine. This article explains why it does not work, and why people who eat more sodium less sodium in the urine. Some people on the raw food diet does not consume salt (this is a rock, so do not be raw or cooked). Just this alone can extend life for decades. WebMD.com has an article saying that the consumption of salt in worse health than smoking.

Athletic Health & Nutrition

The accessories and a large part of the protein and the health and nutrition for athletes. A crucial role in the overall performance of the athlete. As a corporate athlete, I know first hand how important these things are, and to be a part of an athlete’s diet.

The athletes should be taking fish oil supplements, multivitamins and vitamin D3. Women who take multivitamins taking a vitamin, which includes iron. The main reason women need to take a multivitamin with iron is because women experience monthly menstrual period. Iron is what exposes the red blood cells in the blood. Because women lose a significant amount of blood every month, they will have to fill up the iron in their systems. If you are looking for a multivitamin, you can choose among many different brands. These include NatureMade, brand GNC, Vitamin World brand, Spring Valley, and Vitafusion. If you are someone who does not like the light of tablets, multivitamin gummy would be a great option for you. Vitafusion offers gummy multivitamins. They offer a typical multivitamin, a multivitamin man and a women’s multivitamin. These gummies are beautiful, because of the taste, such as gummy bears. I can not take vitamins.

Protein is so important when it comes to an athlete’s diet. Athletes need protein to rebuild and repair muscle that is broken down during exercise. Just as a reminder, I’ll go over the basics again consumption of protein. At least one serving of protein should be consumed at every meal. Lunch and dinner need two doses of protein in each snack while you need a dose. Protein powder is a very easy way to get protein in your diet. This is especially useful right after your workout. Some protein powders that our fitness coach, Illinois recommends: American Iso, Muscle Milk Whey, Syntrax, EAS, Optimum Nutrition Whey and. These protein powders meant to just add a little extra protein in your diet, you do not get enough natural. Other protein powders can serve as a meal replacement. This means that not only the protein but also carbohydrates.

Athletes never miss a meal, but there are some cases that may not be able to fit a decent meal because of hectic schedules. Despite the fact that the potential of the protein powder is not better than the actual meal is finished, so that the body of nutrients and fuel needs.